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Make right decisions for your business with AFSSIN paralegal services by your side

Paralegals are the support unit provided to the lawyers at the law firms and other corporate institutions. Paralegal Singapore is a dedicated team of paralegals who can assist you or your organization with all the facts and information and provide with all the advices for all the legal activities. And only big law firms and corporate institutions, we also provide paralegal support to those who cannot afford a lawyer. We provide them with all the legal advice and support we can offer. Hiring our paralegals can get you relief from all the stress factors like saving the extra expenses, saving the precious time and in return, reducing the risks of taking bad decisions.

From corporate finance to regulatory investigations and more, our paralegals can deal with all the complications regarding the legal activities. They are experienced in dealing with corporate finance and know all kinds of procedures required to deal with such situations. From auditing the policies to accessing and evaluating, the paralegals are well aware of all the legal procedures and provide their final report by submitting the assessment report to you. Auditing the policies is important when you are working under the portfolio of anti-money laundering. It will help you keep track all of your transaction records and our paralegals are well experienced in making documentations and reports.

We can help you tackle the risks that come with regulatory compliance by assessing and evaluating all the policies you are associated with.


AFSSIN Known for the Best Paralegal Support

AFSSIN practiced and provided paralegal services, a law support team for individual, legal firms, companies and qualified money lenders in Singapore. We offered specialized paralegal Singapore in the practice areas of Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Corporate Finance, Regulatory Investigation, Regulatory Compliance, Commercial Contracts, Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

We allows an individual to relish cheaper cost, quick delivery of legal support materials and accomplished by personalized friendly and expert approach. With the measured facts, you make a better cultivated decision.

Regulatory Investigations allows law companies and businesses to maximize resources, avoid experiencing high legal labor cost and remove legal staffing outgoings and improve efficiency. Inconveniences, accumulation and intermission of legal information and guidance when your legal employee is either preoccupied, on leave or longsuffering is also eradicated.

Furthermore, you appreciated the allocation of knowledge with our lively and multifaceted paralegal professionals, combining with wide legal knowledge, including profound expertise in global corporate law, with a unique skill set surrounding corporate finance, public listing, controlling compliance and examination, high level cooperation and dispute resolve ready to support you at any time to meet your case needs. You can call our professionals for better assistance and support. Our professionals always support you for your all kind of legal assistance and finance related issues. Feel free to contact us any time for your all business related issues.