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Make right decisions for your business with AFSSIN paralegal services by your side

Paralegals are the support unit provided to the lawyers at the law firms and other corporate institutions. Paralegal Singapore is a dedicated team of paralegals who can assist you or your organization with all the facts and information and provide with all the advices for all the legal activities. And only big law firms and corporate institutions, we also provide paralegal support to those who cannot afford a lawyer. We provide them with all the legal advice and support we can offer. Hiring our paralegals can get you relief from all the stress factors like saving the extra expenses, saving the precious time and in return, reducing the risks of taking bad decisions.

From corporate finance to regulatory investigations and more, our paralegals can deal with all the complications regarding the legal activities. They are experienced in dealing with corporate finance and know all kinds of procedures required to deal with such situations. From auditing the policies to accessing and evaluating, the paralegals are well aware of all the legal procedures and provide their final report by submitting the assessment report to you. Auditing the policies is important when you are working under the portfolio of anti-money laundering. It will help you keep track all of your transaction records and our paralegals are well experienced in making documentations and reports.

We can help you tackle the risks that come with regulatory compliance by assessing and evaluating all the policies you are associated with.


Utilize the power of proper financial management and get the benefits

Both big and small companies need efficient financial management to keep track of things. The accounts must be kept updated and the books have to be maintained accurately. By properly managing the finance, overspending can be checked and all expenditures can be organized in a proper manner. This is also applicable for profit distributions. Corporate Finance has become an important sector and companies require major support in this field. The big firms are not only concentrating on selling, they are looking for robust financial management services.

Anti-Money Laundering is a special service that we offer and protects various organizations. Our AML portfolio is really huge and a whole bunch of services are given. It varies as per the guidelines of different countries, but the main offerings are the same. Institutions are ready to combat money laundering and this evil practice should be totally removed. Many government regulations are present to ease up the process and they are extremely helpful. Terrorist financing and other dangerous services must be stopped and Corporate Finance must be regulated smartly.

The external policies are not enough for this, as the company’s internal policies must be strong too. Well-written internal guidelines and help in minimizing money laundering attempts. Anti-Money Laundering involves proper assessment of operating policies, compliance framework and company structure. This helps in easy identification of threats and preparing better control measures. The employee training must continue to strengthen the company’s internal environment, as most threats come from known sources. A special compliance officer is also appointed for AML and these small steps are extremely vital.

Let the experts take care of your finance services

Running a business is not an easy thing to do. A business owner and management team has to take care of various important things including legal issues, finance and banking and more. However, these matters are also so easy to understand and handle. This is why it is highly advised to hire professional and skilled legal experts. A right and the most convenient way to run a business professionally are to hire a legal firm. It is highly advised to look subscribe a pre-paid monthly, half yearly or annual package.


If you think it will be expensive, think again. A single mistake or wrong step can cause high penalties and other troubles. Legal and finance services can be availed anytime to avoid all the possible troubles and risks. Whenever, you can take any important decision, the experts can check the legal documents, agreement and contract. They help a business to handle various issues. Sometimes, clients and third parties file lawsuits against the company and it is a really frustrating situation.

It is not only about penalties and fines, but it is about the protection of business assets. Also, it is about trust of your clients. A lawsuit must be handled by an expert so that you can get rid of from corporate finance matters. Afssinpara legal is a reliable legal firm specializes in offering first rate services to the corporate clients. The company has a team of highly skilled professionals who have in-depth knowledge about various legal issues.

One stop solution for all your legal requirements in Singapore

logo-2Running a business in today’s competitive market is not an easy job. It requires patience, dedication, hard work and persistence. But above all, it also requires goodwill and ethics to earn good reputation in market. Goodwill is not built in one day. It requires rigorous efforts and years to build a brand image of the company and its owners. For this, businesses are required to run following legal norms and guidelines. Only if the business is legally sound, will it be called profitable. An illegal business will hamper the owners and company’s image in the market making it lose its customers. Therefore, every company or firm should be aware of all the legalities in running a successful business. However, not many are aware about whom to approach for their legal matters.

AFS Singapore is one such company which has been providing law services to its clients in Singapore since years. Their team of experts are professionally equipped with all the knowledge and experience in the field of law in Singapore. Corporate Finance is one such area in which they provide their expert guidance and assistance in. They cover various facets in Corporate Finance like advising, helping the company in public listing, capital raising, assisting in Mergers and Acquisitions, risk analysis, debts, borrowing, assessing insolvency, preparing Convertible Promissory Notes and preparing presentations for seminars and conferences.

With such wide variety of services that AFS Singapore provide, one can be assured that they are in right hands. So, why wait? Call them now.