AFSSIN Offer Regulatory Compliance Services in Singapore

AFSSIN as Regulatory Compliance profile helps you measure and assess your existing policies, processes and control framework and structure to classify weaknesses or risk therefrom with advice for helpful action. Assist in the growth of compliance framework, operating policies, structure and internal control procedures, and observing program, including compliance training for your employees cover requirements.

Assist to issue or make accessible the independent assessment report on policies, procedures and Control (PPC) under the prevention of money laundering of terrorism rule 2009 for licensed money lenders. Review and assess your existing regulatory profits and reporting process for accuracy and capability, but not limited to the valuation of revelation requirements.

Review and assess your present acquiescence risk management. Finding Regulatory Investigations professional advisors to take company go-public listing. Prepare catalogue for company go-public listing and rising capital. Assist, assess and classify other safeties or stock conversation for dual listing for internationalization and thus making submission of that listing.

As a Public Company Listing Consultant prepares presentation materials for raising capital at investment meetings or conferences. Review and measure the notice of controlling complaint, subpoena or summon. Regulatory here shall mean a safeties, securities exchange, stock exchange and commission or a central bank. Review documents, electronic mails, correspondence, board minutes and resolutions, stockholders resolutions and subsidiary documents.


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