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Paralegals are the support unit provided to the lawyers at the law firms and other corporate institutions. Paralegal Singapore is a dedicated team of paralegals who can assist you or your organization with all the facts and information and provide with all the advices for all the legal activities. And only big law firms and corporate institutions, we also provide paralegal support to those who cannot afford a lawyer. We provide them with all the legal advice and support we can offer. Hiring our paralegals can get you relief from all the stress factors like saving the extra expenses, saving the precious time and in return, reducing the risks of taking bad decisions.

From corporate finance to regulatory investigations and more, our paralegals can deal with all the complications regarding the legal activities. They are experienced in dealing with corporate finance and know all kinds of procedures required to deal with such situations. From auditing the policies to accessing and evaluating, the paralegals are well aware of all the legal procedures and provide their final report by submitting the assessment report to you. Auditing the policies is important when you are working under the portfolio of anti-money laundering. It will help you keep track all of your transaction records and our paralegals are well experienced in making documentations and reports.

We can help you tackle the risks that come with regulatory compliance by assessing and evaluating all the policies you are associated with.


For The Best Legal Support for Business Outsource Legal Help

You want an Attorney who shows a genuine interest in your business, in how you operate and how you make money. You want someone who comes to your place of business and looks around, speaks with your employees. You want a trusted advisor. An Attorney with roots in your community has connections. You want to be able to turn to them when you need other services and ask for recommendations with the confidence that they have your best interests at heart. Ask them how they meet other professionals in the area.

Ask for Legal Help on topics other than legal issues and see what kinds of answers you get. Are they knowledgeable about the business challenges that your startup faces beyond the law? Do they know about financial, marketing, sales issues? If they don’t, are they able to refer you quickly to experts they trust?

Your relationship with an Attorney should be comfortable; clear, concise communication should bridge the gap between your legal knowledge and the requirements that will keep you out of trouble. Communication should feel effortless not like a struggle. You want an attorney who knows more than just the law and knows how to minimize the risk of lawsuits, maybe even avoid them. The right Law Singapore service can reduce stress and expenses.

Your company’s finance concerns are now answered with AFS Singapore!

Finance is the most important sector for any company or organization or business. So, having the financial needs of the organization rightly served is an utmost necessity. AFS Singapore Paralegal is an one-stop destination for all your corporate needs and solutions be it finance, legal advice, policies, banking services, regulatory investigation and compliance, or be it a commercial contract or a project financing. Also, if you are looking for paralegal services in Singapore, then AFS Singapore is the right place to contact. AFS Singapore works as a complete team of paralegals to help individuals, corporate organizations and also law firms in every step of financial, corporate and legal activities.


Under AFSSIN Corporate Finance portfolio, they offer, help and give corporate Finance services. Taking organization open up to the world posting, sourcing proficient specialists to take organization open up to the world posting, to get ready plan for organization open up to the world posting and raising capital is altogether taken care by AFS Singapore. It likewise plans Statement In Lieu of Prospectus or Offering Statement for private position. It helps, evaluates and recognizes different securities or stock trade for double posting for internationalization and in this way making application for that posting.

AFS Singapore aids Reverse Merger as well as other Merger and Acquisition (M&A) exercises and furthermore in the raising capital portfolio and to plan Issuer Fact Sheet.

It helps in getting, obligation and hazard examination and specialized indebtedness evaluation. It gets ready Convertible Promissory Note and introduction materials for raising capital at speculation gatherings or workshops.

Reach them for a free discussion and see how AFS Singapore paralegal administrations can be of help to you.

Contact to Afssin Paralegal Services for Business Legal Support

Whether it’s small or big or anywhere in between, you always have small business legal assistance when you need it. We have the flawless plans to fit your small business and valuing that makes it easy to get sheltered. A Legal Assistant can advise on legal documents during some of your most significant decision-making times-get help with major business decision, service agreements, statements of work, and more. Access all the Legal Services you need from our forms library, and get one copyright registration per month so your original works-songs, books, articles, photographs, and other creative works are protected.

At Afssin Paralegal Services, we believe prevention is better than cure. Drawing on the proficiency that a nationwide law firm can offer, we advise not only on the present challenges to your business; but also on upcoming issues that are likely to affect it. Effective business legal advice can make an important contribution to the performance of your business. Our Legal Consultant advise all industries from small start-ups to larger more recognized companies.

From time to time businesses have clashes with their customers, suppliers, banks or consultants. We specialize in settling all commercial disputes, whether through lawsuit, arbitration or conciliation. And if that dispute turns to litigation, we have the proficiency to follow it all the way through. We help business people all across the country providing legal depiction on a variety of areas that are likely to impact you and your business.

What is a Paralegal?

A Paralegal is one who does legal work even though he/she has not qualified as a barrister or solicitor.

Paralegal Services

AFS Singapore offers a full range of Senior Paralegal Services such as preparing  Prospectus to go public and listing on a stock exchange with an initial public offering (“IPO”); organising documents, collecting evidence and preparing answers to response under Regulatory Investigation; assess, evaluate and audit Policies, Procedures and Control (“PPC”) of Singapore licensed Moneylenders; assess in the development of compliance framework, structure, operating policies and internal control procedures, and monitoring program pursuant to Money Laundering Regulations; case analysis, legal research, organising documents, collecting evidence and in consultation with solicitors either civil or criminal litigation matter; acting as a Company Secretary for your company; advising on corporate finance matter to go public and listing on a stock exchange with IPO or dual listing matter; and to assist in legal activities including legal compliances.

Utilize the power of proper financial management and get the benefits

Both big and small companies need efficient financial management to keep track of things. The accounts must be kept updated and the books have to be maintained accurately. By properly managing the finance, overspending can be checked and all expenditures can be organized in a proper manner. This is also applicable for profit distributions. Corporate Finance has become an important sector and companies require major support in this field. The big firms are not only concentrating on selling, they are looking for robust financial management services.

Anti-Money Laundering is a special service that we offer and protects various organizations. Our AML portfolio is really huge and a whole bunch of services are given. It varies as per the guidelines of different countries, but the main offerings are the same. Institutions are ready to combat money laundering and this evil practice should be totally removed. Many government regulations are present to ease up the process and they are extremely helpful. Terrorist financing and other dangerous services must be stopped and Corporate Finance must be regulated smartly.

The external policies are not enough for this, as the company’s internal policies must be strong too. Well-written internal guidelines and help in minimizing money laundering attempts. Anti-Money Laundering involves proper assessment of operating policies, compliance framework and company structure. This helps in easy identification of threats and preparing better control measures. The employee training must continue to strengthen the company’s internal environment, as most threats come from known sources. A special compliance officer is also appointed for AML and these small steps are extremely vital.

Afssin Paralegal Know For the Best Legal Support

We provide highest level legal services for trades and individuals. Our skilled lawyers and counselors hold the uppermost legal certifications and have years of experience dealing with legal queries. We are available 24 hours to offer you with the Legal Services you need. They will make assured you understand the legal effects of your circumstances and that your privileges are being secured. Take help of our expert and find the right legal professional for you.

We offers quality Legal Consultant and secretarial services at extremely competitive prices all across the world. We assist our clients to improve efficacy and boost revenue while taking over their smaller important work and allowing them to focus on core business problems. Our goal is to provide clients with high quality legal papers at a reasonable rate.

We are Financing Specialist, qualified through education and knowledge. In order to meet this promises to each client, we offer small firms and solo consultant’s the services of a knowledgeable paralegal without the costly expense of a permanent employee. We allow our clienteles to improve output, maximize assets and control costs by offering low cost paralegal services. We comprehend that dealing with the legal matters can be a puzzling and frustrating experience. We can help to sort out your all legal issues and improve your financial status.